Industrial production of plastic packaging products and non-consumable materials, Binyem - bottled drinks, cosmetics, packaging, bags and more, is among the greatest threats of the modern consumer age, the nature around us. Because plastic products, non perishable, is why the formation of mountains of waste that pollute the landscape, vegetation and soil.

Recycling industry, part is especially important in dealing with this phenomenon of irreversible damage to nature. Dealing allows saving the environment, the green of nature as a result the quality of life of future generations.

Green point is that recycling organization who championed the preservation of natural values through Recyclinges. Recycling is implemented using advanced production methods through which enables the recycling of plastic waste and turning it into raw material for various industries. Through the return of waste as raw material for the production cycle, increasing green point on the island Ahatachlutm nature of plastic materials, thus contributing to preserve the environment and life.

Green point with all phases of recycling, from Collecting of waste regulated aesthetic through Collecting points Ahsibor service that meet the wide, national and local authorities, through the transport of waste to processing, chemical emergency measures and other materials, crushing and processing to becoming raw materials for industry.

Green point considers itself part is especially important in maintaining the environment who seek to continue to contribute to this noble goal, the existence of landscape, nature and the environment, quality of life of future generations, the most advanced industrial methods.