Early forties ICI developed first world is the version of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate full name) so that they can produce fibers of this material was recorded in 1973 first patent on a bottle of drinking water produced from PET.

PET is the plastic Ssantadta Abathiach chemical produced when 60% of the world going for tactile industry fiber production, 30% bottles and other industries to create packaging, insulation and a number of different applications.

Being the PET plastic material, can recycle it 100% when the finished product at the bottom of the cycle icon symbolizing the center number 1 PET.

Israel today consume 700 million bottles of drinking water with no deposit and large - 400 million small bottles with a deposit.

Deposit recycled bottles at 60% while large bottles without a deposit recycled at about 10%.

Soft drink market at a size of about 15% of which were the main growth rate in mineral water.

Easy to understand that once did not recycle, we create for ourselves a big ecological problem by using a large volume of landfill requires extensive land Stahia them not us! By 2012 will run out in any place planting waste.

The energy it needed to invest in transporting garbage costs the State of Israel hundreds of millions of shekels a year they can save resources for direct Loakcaat Originally manure treatment and cause increased turnover in all fields, particularly on the bottles that take a very large volume of landfilling sites.

Recycling one ton of PET saves our country about eight cubic meter landfill volume.

Let's Recycle!