Waste plastic bottles is a major problem in any local authority, discarded plastic bottles on the sides of roads, gardens and parks are an aesthetic nuisance and damage to residents' quality of life, mainly because it is not biodegradable. In addition, the volume of waste that causes a substantial increase in capacity at the municipal waste and harm to the values of preserving nature.

Containers of plastic bottles collected, dispersed in the local authority, nearly every citizen, are distinguished contribution to public education and the environment, as well as streamlining the municipal waste Collecting system and positioning the image of the local authority in the consciousness of civil authority, is entrusted with preserving values of preserving the evolving environment the neighborhood.

Dispersal of the Collecting containers is carried out in coordination between al. Enough. Green point cycle Ltd. and the local authority and compliance with procedures and compliance departments and requests the Authority citizenry.

The Collecting truck. Enough. Green point cycle Ltd. draws waste bottles and passes them to the Recycling Institute, where material is processed to its transformation into raw materials for industry. The maintenance department.

Enough. Green point cycle Ltd. maintains the Collecting containers while keeping the environment clean, complete container plays. Collecting containers are manufactured by a god. Enough. Green point cycle Ltd. are owned, or under any other agreement. Listen Read phonetically