Green point is championed the preservation of natural values through Recycling. Recycling is implemented using advanced production methods through which enables recycling of plastic waste and turning it into raw materials for various industries. Through the return of waste as raw material for the production cycle, increasing green point on the island Ahatachlutm nature of plastic materials, thus contributing to preserve the environment and life.

Green spot follows the stages of the cycle, from Collecting of waste regulated aesthetic through Collecting points, through the processing sites of waste handling, sorting materials, Gerstam processing raw materials to becoming the industry.
Collecting cages scattering is executed in coordination between the green point and the local authority and compliance with procedures and compliance departments and requests the Authority citizenry.

Collecting trucks green point of drawing the waste bottles from -5000 cages in different cities and transmit them to the recycling plant we have, where material is processed to its transformation into raw materials for industry.

Maintenance Division maintains the green point while keeping the cages clean environment, peace cage plays.

Recyclinging center located in Haifa Bay and covers about 10,000 square meters.

Our factory come every day dozens of trucks loaded with plastic containers after use.